ACEF Nigeria

ACEF Nigeria Commemorates World Environment Day on 05/06/2021
To commemorate world environment day, #ACEF #Nigeria Chapter visited Awule communi-ty in Ondo state - Nigeria, to conduct awareness on environmental degradation and climate. ACEF-NG conducted a door-to-door sensitization campaign on the need for ecosystem resto-ration and the importance of tree planting. They were warmly welcomed by the community dwellers as they were willing to listen to what ACEF-NG had to say. ACEF- NG went with tree seedlings of Gmelina arborea to show the community dwellers how to plant trees. The people of Awule community were enlightened on the best/right species of trees to plant for their benefits and for the benefits of ecosystem. After the trees planting exercise, the community dwellers were all full of joy and passion be-cause of the enlightenment. #ACEF for a Greener Future

These young people need resources to continue with their efforts. Please support their activities Now.
Thank you.
#ACEF for a Greener Future!